You may support us through any of the following methods:

Economic Contribution

Making a transfer to the following account that we have created in Caixa Rural, a Spanish bank entity:

ES28 3070 0031 4861 5772 2429

The account holder is La Sonrisa Nómada, a non-profit association registered in Spain with the aim to do cultural and sports events for charity.

Donating directly through PayPal:


One additional way of helping us is to provide us with any kind of publicity or advertisement, for instance articles or mentions in your website or social channels. The more visibility we get the better, as our cause will gain awareness and we might be able to get the attention of more sponsors.

In those cases, please let us know of such references so we can add you to our list of sponsors.

We will also appreciate all the support and diffusion that you may give us through the social networks:

fb    twitter    instagram

Supplies or Services Contribution

In addition to economic donations and advertisement, it is also possible to contribute with supplies of any kind, either for the vehicle or for the trip, so we can complete the adventure. There are a few areas that we still need to cover and would be of great help for us to get them:

  • Material and spare parts for the vehicle. For example appropriate tires or tool box.
  • Travel equipment. For example, tent, sleeping bags or portable kitchen.
  • Travel advice or help with the trip organization. For example the visas or the flight back home.

The list has no end so rest assured that we will find your product useful, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you can offer something. We will appreciate it.

All the supplies provided for our trip will be donated in Mongolia upon our arrival.

We would also like to take with us material solely for donation, especially school and sports material, and medical supplies, so we appreciate that kinds of donations as well.

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