La Sonrisa Nómada (Nomadic Smile) is formed by two people,Iván and Diego, who have been friends since their childhood in Lugo, Spain.

This adventure became a reality by joining our passion for travelling and our willingness to help several non-profit associations and NGOs. We also hope to inspire people so they participate in any way they can to help to promote this kind of initiative.

We are simply nature and adventure lovers, passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures. Throughout all our trips, we have always tried to immerse ourselves as much as possible in the local culture, for example by tasting all kinds of food from local cuisines.

We already have extensive experience traveling together, from a whole month traveling together on remote countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia or Myanmar, to a ride up until Croatia all the way from Spain or just discovering wonderful places around Galicia, Spain.

Diego Segade Blanco

Passionate musician and amateur photographer who, rather than settling for his comfortable job as a viola teacher, is always looking for new challenges and experiences, such as starting a new musical career at university or embarking on a charity adventure like this one.

Iván Doel Varela

Young adventurer that has already visited more than 40 countries. With 30 years on his back, he has lived 7 in Italy, United Kingdom and Malaysia. After beating a cancer earlier this year, he has taken a year off his job as an IT Pre-sales engineer and is looking for traveling at the same time that he collaborates with several NGOs.

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